Michelle Moist's Model Bio
Height: 5'3" Bust: 34B Waist: 24 Hips: 34 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Michelle Moist - Prefect's naughty lesson! 177 photos and a 15:46 minutes video
Michelle demonstrates as house prefect how to tease and be be well...naughty! So, sit back and watch how good she is at being bad! That's good isn't it?
Michelle Moist - Sensual send off... 158 photos and a 13:24 minutes video
The time has come for Michelle to leave VF Academy, leaving behind fond memories. But wait, she needs one last session with 'janitor', flashing her nyloned legs and smooth pussy through sheer Academy panties! Cocks out for Michelle!
Michelle Moist - Exploits in detention! 151 photos and a 16:04 minutes video
Detention. Just an excuse for Michelle to get up to her usual outrageous behavior. Flashing, blatent masturbation and sexual vulgarity! You just have to love her! Bless her sweet nylon stockings and white cotton panties!
Michelle Moist - Watching me play? 177 photos and a 13.57 minutes video
You are an unexpected visitor in Michelle's bedroom, not unwelcome though! You catch her at masturbation time, and bring out the exhibitionist side in her! So, enjoy her wank show!
Michelle Moist - Angle of the dangle! 127 photos and a 16.51 minutes video
Michelle can't get her head around angles, until that is she relates it to cocks! See if you can get a full vertical boner and help her out! Maybe if she drops her sheer nylon panties a few degrees?
Michelle Moist - Fingering fun! 139 photos and a 12.56 minutes video
Hauled over the coals for apparently fingering Cate, Michelle is not amused! After all how does one learn these pleasures, by example of of course! Michelle is keen to show us the art of the sticky finger, and more besides...what to do with sheer nylon panties for a start!
Michelle Moist - Bookworm...NOT! 99 photos and a 9.00 minutes video
Whist Michelle's mind is on her sheer nylon clad shaven haven, her mind is not on her history studies! This one loves the feel of the fabric on her skin, and caressing her full fashion nylons makes her even more horny...
Michelle Moist - Hockey and other games... 183 photos and a 18.15 minutes video
Lovely Michelle is definately a sporty type. She loves to play with the team...and on her own too! Stripping out of her Hockey kit and getting changed into her smart uniform is a good excuse to exercise her masturbation skills and drop her panties for us!
Michelle and Vicki have a girly chat... 188 photos and a 29.34 minutes video
Michelle comes to her friend Vicki for a little chat about the other Academy girls, she's heard thay can be very naughty. Vicki reassures her, and gives her a hands on experience, well lips on too! As we see, this goes down very well with Michelle, and the nylon clad twosome show they are just as naughty as all the other girls, nice n' naughty we'd say!
Michelle Moist - Panties for Ms. Rouge 131 photos and a 14.20 minutes video
New girl Michelle is in trouble already! She didn't know it was only the bad girls who knew how to get away with sheer nylon panties in class, and Michelle made the mistake of flashing her pert teen nyloned bottom at Ms. Rouge! No matter, this petite blonde makes her stay in detention very interesting, with those slim teen legs encased in sheer black Rht's she masturbates with her panties, and leaves them as a present on Ms. Rouge's desk!

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