Kiana's Model Bio
Height: 5'4" Bust: 32A Waist: 22 Hips: 32 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue

Kiana - Showing you my stockings! 180 photos and a 14:45 minutes video
All females know the effect sheer black nylons have, especially classy fully fashioned uniform ones! Kiana gets super turned on being naughty in them, and like you, enjoys blatantly masturbating for fun.
Kiana - Distracting fantasies! 193 photos and a 14:29 minutes video
Kiana is distracted, she fancies one of the girls on the other academies team! It's all too much as she strips, she has to finger her self off!
Kiana - Prefect power! 156 photos and a 13:35 minutes video
Being a prefect gives one some kudos and power in the Academy! Kiana fantasizes about bossing some of her peers into sexual flavors...and we get to watch her frigging her self!
Kiana - Gagging for it! 161 photos and a 15:12 minutes video
Waiting in her bedroom for a mutual wanking session Kiana looks hot in her sheer panties and black full fashion uniform nylons! She encourages you as she opens up her slim alabaster legs to reveal her flushed wet tight pussy..then the wanking begins!
Chloe & Kiana - Sneaky lezbo liaison! 213 photos and a 21:54 minutes video
The pair get caught out and exposed as lesbians, put on report and both in detention. They may as well use the time to get in some practice and a kiss turns into more...
Kiana - Raunchy skirt roll up! 170 photos and a 11:48 minutes video
It's an old trick, been going on for decades. Roll up your uniform skirt to show a nice bit of leg. Kiana was showing a whole lot of sexy stocking top too and as against Academy rules sent to her room! Let her show you just how arousing she can be!
Kiana - My pussy filled panties! 203 photos and a 14:11 minutes video
Not feeling her history assignment has got Kiana in a mood. She just wants to have some fun! Maybe she can have some fun with you, teasing with her soft cotton panties...and her soft wet oh-so-tight pussy?
Kiana - A quick play on my own... 195 photos and a 14:43 minutes video
Kiana has a pressie for Kim,but whilst waiting she cannot resist a little play! Well, no harm done, better make sure it works as she slips off off her jumper and skirt. Reclining in her heels and black nylons she slips the toy in, getting into the rhythm of orgasm...
Kiana - Making the best of it! 154 photos and a 15.39 minutes video
Stuck in the bedroom when everyone else is allowed outside Kiana seeks to play and have fun in her uniform, especially with her pink sheer full panties and black should join her and play with your self too?
Kiana and Paige - Uniform frolics! 234 photos and a 22.29 minutes video
Our two geeks Kianna and Paige compare uniforms, and what lays underneath! Very soon the geeks get lesbo cool and get it on, with some nylon leg play, and wet tongues in action!
Ms Rouge and Kiana - The Advantage Of Boarding 236 photos and a 28.55 minutes video
Kiana is a boarder at VF Academy, and in her own room it can be lonely. Ms. Rouge likes to keep a hands on check of the young ladies, and a visit on Kiana brings these two nyloned and heeled hotties into a very interesting lesbian situation!
Kiana - Homework...or play? 138 photos and a 14.52 minutes video
Getting home is a relief for Kiana, at last a chance to play with herself, enjoying her sheer white panties and sexy seamed full fashion nylons on her bed...Caressing her smooth alibaster skin through the sheer nylon is a thrill to savour, and fully aroused she gets her self off, her flushed rose pink shaven pussy juicy and wet for her trusty vibrator!
Kiana - Raw recruit 159 photos and a 13.44 minutes video
Newby Kiana is a bit of a dark horse, on the outside a prima and proper type, but get under that facade, and some tearaway spirit is plain to see! Slim and pale skinned, this nyloned teen is one to keep a beady eye on!

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